Friday, December 3, 2010

Listen to the Spouse

So the idea for this card went down like this:
Me: I'm stuck.
Brian (the Spouse): Why?
Me: Well, what do you think of when I say Hot Air Balloons?
Brian (the Spouse): Dorothy.
Me: Um, ok. What else?
Brian (the Spouse): Orange, hot flames.
Me (with the lightbulb going off): Ooh, good idea. Thanks. Carry on.
Brian (the spouse-now with the look like he thinks I'm crazed): Um, ok.

Today's card features both Look Up! and Look Up! Additions by Practicing Creativity Designs and the tutorial shows a bit of Misting and Masking, the best way I could configure to showcase "orange, hot flames."

 Cut cardstock to size.
Stamp image onto scrap paper, cut with a small border and position with repositionable adhesive.
(Or you can use a post it as I've done here, if your image is small enough.)
The big black item in the photo is the top of the spray mist bottle, I hold it about a foot away
from my project and at a bit of an angle.) Spray the mist. I used two passes for this card.

Stamp sentiment.
After stamping the masked image onto another scrap piece of paper,
cut out area where "orange, hot flames" would be and position it back onto your card base.
Sponge the color and remove the mask.

I hope the tutorials during Practicing Creativity Design's Release Week were helpful and fun, as I enjoyed putting them together for you (suggestions or comments for improvement will be most welcome!). Both Look Up! Additions and Nature's Wonders are now availabe! Please stop by Courtney's, Paulina's and Dana's blogs today as well as our talented guest designers' blogs: Valerie, Amy and Vanessa.

***This is my first post today, if you have time, please stop by my second post! ***


  1. too funny! When I first read you were stuck I figured you wanted him to come and dig you out of a snowbank.

    Great card and love the misting and flames.

  2. Karen, Your conversation with Brian made me laugh...I understand :) Great card!

  3. Gorgeous card. I love the flames and misting. Love how you stamped the sentiment in a row.

    Funny... I can see that conservation btween me n hubby too lol.

  4. Can totally relate! Love the mist and the flames! Great card Karen!

  5. Hi Karen! I love your puppy card - and the fact that you beat me to actually using any of the decorative tapes! I'm such a hoarder! LOL

    The balloon card is fabulous! I LOVE the creative process involvement that your DH provided! You are so blessed . . . and yes, orange flames! Perfect.


  6. I love your description for the inspiration of this card. Ah the combination of husbands and crafting! :)

    I love that your tutorials are photos instead of videos. I almost never take the time to watch a video since I'm always in such a rush when I'm blogging. Having the photos lets me see the process even if I'm in a hurry. Then, if I want to dig in deeper, I can stop and read on.

  7. You mean I should actually start listening to my husband's suggestions? LOL This is wonderfully creative! Thanks for sharing the inspiration, too!

  8. Thanks for this interesting tutorial. i love tutorials.

  9. haha so funny... I think I should try that with my husband and get some ideas! The card turned out beautiful!!

  10. GREAT tutorial- and don't you love it when your spouse unwittingly helps you create something AWESOME?!! :)
    Cute puppy above- love the tiny bling!

  11. Another lovely card! I like this blue background fog and contrast of the yellow light.

  12. missed this one:( LOVE your cute story, karen--my husband says i'm burnt up when it comes to the cards--not sure what that means, but everytime he says it, he's smiling, so i'm good with it:)

    thanks for the technique to make this super cute ballon:)

  13. Genius!

    I love the funny story too

  14. Thats too funny! Love the misted background and the orange really stands out. Love this idea!

  15. Now that is some awesome team work! Love your story and your tutorial is great!

  16. You've got a keeper!!! Awesome card!

  17. so cool! love how you made the background and the flame. thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Karen, this is gorgeous! I love that blue glimmer mist with the orange flame. That is a great use of complementary colours and idea from your husband! :D

  19. :>) Where ever you get your inspiration it is always good!

  20. Hehe...flames...great idea! :)

    Really well executed Karen! Love the blue with that bit of orange! I should get that stamp...I've been eyeing it for ages!;)

  21. the misting and orange hot flames are awesome!

  22. argh!! You're too GOOD ;-)
    What a gorgeous card Karen!!