Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Birthday Giveaway Game: Day 2

I'm helping May Arts celebrate a week long swap
with Core'dinations and Petaloo
by featuring this quick tutorial
Stop by the blog and leave a comment
for a chance to win some amazing products from all three companies.

Thank you to all the
amazing, wonderful, talented
individuals that left me birthday messages yesterday!
You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

The answer to yesterday's question:
The year I turned two was in 1980!

Now, let me tell you a little story...
(I couldn't do a post without one, right?!)

I started with one little lonely Copic Marker that I won one day from a blogging pal.
It was Mustard Yellow.
Who would have imagined all the things that looked so good in mustard!
I was hooked after that single marker
sigh, and now have quite a collection.
One color, however, was missing for quite a while from my collection,
and that color was yellow/green.
The epitome of nature. A grand color.
Oh how I needed the yellow/green color for my crafty projects!
If you are just joining in, here's a little recap of
The Big Birthday Giveaway Game
(a way for me to say thank you to all my readers out there!)

Each day a new prize will be revealed and added
along with a new question to be answered right here on my blog.
One lovely reader will win the entire prize package
at the end of my birthday week
(selected at random from all comments on all Birthday Posts).
So, that means that you will have up to five chances to win
The final, complete giveaway package will be revealed on the last day... 
You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Here's today's product of the giveaway:
A brand spankin' new YG03 Yellow Green Copic Marker

I finally caved in and ordered two right away,
kept one for myself and waited for the perfect time to give away the other.

Here's today's (10.19.11) question:
What do you think is my favorite color and why?
Here's was the first product revealed of the giveaway:
 A brand spankin' new Vintage Notepad Background Stamp
(So, now one person has the chance to win a stamp and a marker,
just leave a comment with your answer to the above question!)

Once again, please do come back tomorrow to find out the next product from the giveaway
and to answer another (easy) question for your second entry!

P.S. This is open to all my readers, wherever you are located! I so much appreciate your visits!


  1. I'm going to guess teal- it's the color of your blog header. :)

  2. your 8 years younger than me...not 5. I can keep dreaming that I'm younger, right?! :)

    So...onto favorite colors. Can I vote kraft (I'm thinking no since that is neutral)...but how about purple?

  3. I was 2 in 1980 too!!!
    I will guess, turquoise.... you have a load of really pretty cards where you have used turquoise as a base! Although all your cards are fab!!

  4. I'll guess green. It's Earthy, natural, beautiful and poetic like your wonderful posts full of poetry.

  5. I'm guessing red--and I have absolutely nothing to base that on. It's just a wild guess!!! I hope your birthday yesterday was fantastic!

  6. I have no earthly idea, though I did try to ferret out this very information when I was designing your notebook. Since I'm just throwing out a wild guess, it might as well be for MY favorite color, aqua!

  7. I guess orange because of the possibility of you liking fall and the changing of leaves.

  8. I'll guess green. Not sure why, but maybe because you bought a yellow green Copic as your first one to purchase.

  9. I was two years off, but that means that I guessed the year you were born, so that's a plus right? I am going to guess blue. Probably not green,! J/K! You know I love my Copics, so thanks for the chance to win one!

  10. I think your favorite color is blue, or a shade of blue, because you use it a lot on your projects and on your blog.

  11. Love the feathers Karen, I've been to the May Arts blog :)
    Yay I got the year right now let me see....I think you love green because it's the colour of spring and nature and I get the sense that your a country lovin gal at heart :)
    Jenny x

  12. Well, I could go with yellow/green after your story, but I think I'm leaning toward teal due to your fabulous blog header!!!

  13. I'm guessing it is in the brown family...kraft probably?

  14. Well I was a year off, but I was pretty close! For your favorite color I'm going to guess RED, and I'm only basing it off the same reason I love red! ;)

  15. Well I sucked at the last question so maybe I will get lucky today :), I am going to say mustard.

  16. I see lots of variations of browns/tans in much of your work, so I'm going to guess kraft. Actually, I have no earthly idea!! I notice I tend not to use a lot of my favorite color because I create for the person and occasion and they might not like my favorite color. This is so fun, Karen!!!! I'm thinking you have a brilliant mind to come up with this great game. Have a great day. Hugs, Sharon :o)

  17. That's a tough one.....I even looked through your flickr gallery, and you are pretty well-rounded, though I noticed kraft, aqua and red, used alot. So I'll go with aqua or blues k(my own favorite). I hope your birthday week is going well! Thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway with one of us!

  18. I'm going for teal or turquoise or aqua & blue tones.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  19. I think a cool color has to be your which one to choose? How about a greenish blue, but in a soft tone.

  20. This is so much fun, Karen!!! Hmmm...I have no idea which color would be your favorite. As an artist you probably LIKE a wide variety of colors. I'll say cranberry.

  21. love your handmade feathers. thanks for the tutorial, Karen! well, i am just going to go with Yellow! =)

  22. Darn I missed by 5 years! I really tried to recall when macrame plant hangers were popular since I remembered us having some in our house. I'm going to guess your favorite color is red cuz my gut says so. ;)

  23. My guess is blue, probably not right... :)

  24. My randomly picked number was correct!! My guess of your favoirate color is a shade of yellow- mustard yellow.

  25. I'm going to guess your favorite color is Teal. Its not green and its not blue but the perfect shade between the two!

  26. Well now I can say happy 33rd birthday! I think I remember you said at some point that your favorite color is green, but maybe I'm just having crafty delusions :)

  27. Happy birthday! I've been watching your blog for a while, and whenever I think of your cards in my head, light turquoise is the color I remember seeing a lot of. That's my guess. But if you're like me, just because you use it a lot, doesn't mean it's your favorite color. I'm excited to hear what is the REAL favorite color!

    And on another quick note, how do you keep it the same? My favorite color changes with the wind!

  28. i think its brownish shade u mostly use this color in ur cards

  29. dragonswing15137@yahoo.comOctober 19, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    I'd say green since it is earthy grass and you needed a yellow-green marker

  30. I believe my Copic collection lacks this particular color as well!
    While it's tempting to say your fav color is green, I think you're a natural earth gal and love your browns.
    On second thought, I'm going with green...

  31. Congratulations on your birthday if a little bit late! I am giessing kraft because you use it a lot but if you have 2 boys and by your baby picture wearing it maybe you are inclined to like pink???

  32. Hmmmm... I'm having a wild go at it and saying something in the 'cool' range. Like blue :)


  33. i'm going with a green color, although a krafty brown might be close, karen:) off to see may arts!

  34. Yay! I was right! :)

    Now for your fave color...I'm going with blue...because it's a soothing and calming color and sometimes it reflects how you feel about things you have no control over...artistic types tend to be pretty sensitive!

  35. Boy, I was way off yesterday! My apologies and I hope you are not insulted!
    Your favourite colour? I'd say kraft but that's not really a colour is it? My next guess would be teal / aqua.
    Off to check out your May Arts post. Have a wonderful day!

  36. well, if you're like'll use your fav color in your bloggie I'm guessing teal.

    I was guessing you were born in the late 70's/early 80's....gotta chuckle as I graduated from high school in 1984!

    This is certainly a fun bloggie game....great way to get to know you even better!

  37. 1980!! My goodness, you are just a wee thing yet, aren't you! As for your favorite color?????
    I'm going with something nature-inspired and say green. Now if it was me, I would have to say chocolate brown......but I'm not sure too many people dig brown the way I do. :)

  38. I m going to go with bluish turqouise. Because of that necklece that you blogged about some post back, it was a how-to tutorial you did for Mary Arts.

  39. I was way off in my guestimation of your age... whooooops!

    And I think your favourite colour is green!

  40. Mustard yellow?? ;) LOL I have no idea, Karen, but just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

  41. I will say GREEN because someone has that color of eyes. Or, you just like the green of the grass. BTW...I feel like I'm at your birthday party-so fun! ;)

  42. How fun! And I think you won your first copic from me! I am so glad it got you on the path to coloring! :) I am going to guess green because that is my favorite color!!!!!!

  43. Hey i was close with the guess... This is a fun way to celebrate your birthday... I love to celebrate my birthday too like all week... It is just fun...

    I am going to guess yellow/green because that is the color of the Copic Marker you are giving away.

  44. You have such fun posts all this week!! I love the games and all. And your favorite hard! I am guessing it's BROWN? (finally my internet is much to catch up)!

  45. I think your favorite color is yellow green ... becuase you are an earthy girl and that color is the epitome of nature!! Ha!!

  46. I feel like I should know this. I will go with the color of your banner- even though I'm not first to guess that. I really feel like I should know this!!

  47. I am going to say your fav color is pink.

  48. I'm going to say blue/green. Mainly because I like blues and greens. Ha.

  49. I think you said once that you like pink, but with so many boys in your house.....

    but maybe you just like blue.

    you have a really nice celebration.

  50. Oh my goodness, I am playing catch up really really late! Well, I see I was just off on the year! How fun is this...although! I am guessing green? Just totally guessing, but I notice you like to use earth tones a lot. Does Kraft count, something else I notice...:-)

  51. I would guess something in the blue green field! It seems to be one of the colours that keep appearing.

  52. I guess your FAV color is something to do with earth color, brownish, green. I see you like natural colors, something to do with earth colors. That reflects you as a generous and caring person. Soft personality.
    Pls tell me whtr I am right..?

  53. use it alot in your creations!