Thursday, July 23, 2015

May Arts:: Ribbon Scrap Blog Hop

Do you have a huge pile of ribbon scraps like I do? Beauties that you just can't seem to toss no matter what length they are? May Arts is showcasing many ways to use up your ribbon scraps with a cool blog hop. There is even a grab bag of May Arts Ribbon as a prize, and believe me, this grab bag is huge and full of the prettiest ribbon you ever did see!

I needed some quick thank you gifts so my son and I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies, bagged them up, and ransacked my ribbon scrap bin to find some coordinating ribbon. Here I tied off the bag with beautiful 1.5" Sheer Classic White Floral Print 517-15-01and coordinating 1" Sheer Ribbon in Peach C12 and Apricot C13, as well as a stray silk hydrangea bloom. I love the coordinating sheer from different lines.

This next bag is tied with 3/4" Twill Mauve Chevron in 382-34-19, a few strips of 1/2" Solid White Wrinkle Ribbon in EA01 and finished with a second bow made from Grape Burlap String in SM36.

Such a simple way to dress up a gift! I love to mix and match colors, hues, widths and textures: May Arts Ribbon has so many different choices that coordinate!

Please be sure to check out the May Arts Blog for further details!


  1. Such a sweet touch...Wonderful idea!

  2. Love the beautiful, subtle colors in your floral card! Very pretty!

  3. I DO have a huge pile or baggie BOX of scraps myself also! No can toss! Love the idea and the looks of those yummy summer coolies!

  4. Lovely! These ribbons really make the bag extra-sweet!

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  6. SO PRETTY and TASTY too :)
    LOVE your mix of ribbons together, a great way to use scraps and make special gifts even more special!!!
    ... I really LOVE that these gifts were a family affair Karen, baking (& crafting) together are the best of times and continue to be some of my most PRECIOUS memories!!!

  7. Yes!! Always tie with ribbon for prettyness!!