Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Are We?

I've been visiting the blog of an amazing designer, Paulina at PrettyPinkPosh and she had a wonderful, amazing idea to share a list of things about her (she called it rambling, but I think otherwise...) What a wonderful way of documenting your "real world life" and a great tool to record a random moment in time for a scrapbook page.
So here's my rambling about
my family.
1. I love my two boys more. than. anything. in the world.
2. My super talented oldest sister has an Irish Wolfhound (the largest dog)-I think its cool that my youngest son can walk under him and the dog doesn't mind.
3. Life is a circle. I met my husband at the wedding of a childhood acquaintance. We live a few blocks down from the couple now.
4. Becoming a mother made me appreciate, respect and admire my parents even more for what they went through while I was growing up.
5. My best friend is my identical twin sister who lives half way across the country. For the most part we despised each other until the age of 18.
random bits.
1. I still feel guilty every time I write my college loan payment check as there still aren't any design opportunities close by.
2. By nature I am quiet and shy, old people have a hard time hearing me.
3. Tomatoes and cucumbers out of my own garden are the best vegetables in the world.
4. I know I should go to church more often, but I never forget the importance of prayer. It's the first thing I do every morning.
5. Camping in tents, sleeping on air mattress and eating every meal that has been cooked by a fire is not my thing, but I will do it for my boys.
crafty things.
1. I cherish comments on my blog and read every single one of them.
2. Scrapbooking is my first true crafty love.
3. The color yellow makes me happy but I rarely ever use it on a card or layout.
4. You're Dandy by Practicing Creativity Designs is my all. time. favorite. stamp set. (...however I do have a wishlist!)
5. I think I babble when I comment on other people's posts, and tend to ramble even more when I am excited about something I see.

Supplies Used on the Monster Card (series of 4): SU Natural Carstock, Little Monsters Stamp Set by Reminisce, Colorbox Chalk Ink in Chestnut Roan, DSP (unknown), Fiskars Corner Punch, Signo White Gel Pen, Googly Eyes


  1. Love the card and learning more about you!

  2. First off, what a totally fun card...esp the two different sizes of eye!

    Second, your comment about despising your sister made me laugh. My sister and I despised each other until I was 16 and she was 15. That's when we were fighting and started slapping at each other--you know, hitting each others' hands in a totally ridiculous way. We made eye contact in the middle of that slapping and started laughing. Haven't fought since. She's my best friend forever, and we're now 43 and (almost)42.

    Aren't sisters the best?

  3. first of al, that's too cute of a card! love it! and I love and enjoyed reading more about you! thanks for sharing! =)

  4. Love your card, Karen! Thanks for sharing something special about you. I can relate a few things with you (church and the color yellow....).Don't you just love it when your boys take you places that you wouldn't dare or want to? Now you'll do it in a pinch :)

  5. This is a magnificent post for two your fun monsta card & learning about you!!! I missed out on the whole sister thing...I have 2 older brothers:) I gotta say that there are pros & cons to everything..the con is I don't have a potential built in bff but the pro is being the youngest & being the only girl..LOL..

  6. Forgiveness for the faults because I do not speak English (I am French)
    I made a point of saying to you that I like your blog and your charts. Thank you for this division!

  7. Karen I just lost ten minutes researching that dog! It's HUGE! Goodness. So fun to learn more about you!

  8. Love your card with the kooky eyes! Too adorable! Thanks for sharing your "ramblings". I never really thought about my blog documenting my life (at least parts of it). Food for thought, certainly. Your comments on my blog yesterday made my day. I'm always inspired by your designs and am honored that you stopped by to check in on me. :-D

  9. Great ramblings :) I'm currently working on a few things about me too. I think it's a fun easy way to get to know blogger friends.
    This card is super cute. I've seen these little monsters before and been tempted to buy then :) TFS

  10. So loved reading more about you Karen! Oh, and don't worry..."babble" away, we love hearing from you. It brightens our day!

  11. Karen I love the card--The eyes make me giggle!!And I love the rest of your post!! I may do that on my blog. However I don't think it is rambling but creative thinking on paper. You would be surprised what an inspiration you are to others with your blog. And I ;am not saying that just because I am your Aunt but I am your friend and a devoted admirer of your talent. Take care my friend love you and have a great Easter!!!
    Love Jean

  12. That card is adorable!!! I need to find some monster stamps. Thanks for your ramblings. I had to laugh about the camping thing. My hubby wanted to buy a tent trailer so we could all go out more and the idea of spending $$$ to do something I don't like more often made me cringe. So I decided to compromise and promised to tent it at least twice every summer. I do it 100% for my family not because I like sleeping with bugs!

  13. Super fun card... love it! Loved reading some little bits about you! :)

  14. Hi Karen, what a great idea. I love the card, it's so fun and cute. Thank you for sharing more about yourself. It's so fun to get to know more about you. My brother and I fought like cats and dogs when we were kids, but we are very close now. My husband is anti-camping too. His idea of "roughing it" is staying at a hotel. He loves the outdoors but not sleeping there! And I love receiving your comments, the more the better:) big cyber hugs to you!

  15. Loved getting to know you better, Karen! I think these types of posts are so fun- so glad that you did your own! :)