Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Me (...and Tidbits)

I always enjoy these types of posts on other crafty blogs. (So I thought I'd share some more about me).

1. My claim to marital fame is that the hubby thinks my home baked chocolate chip cookies are tons better than his mother's. There are never any leftovers when bringing them to a potluck or bake sale. (Thank you Mom!) 
2. I despise clowns. They are scary. (I'm not sure where or when the fear originated.)
3. I've read every one of James Patterson's mysteries and usually finish them in one day. (...Patiently waiting for his new release.)
4. I often wonder why boys' hair is always thicker and their eyelashes always longer than their female counterparts. (My boys included.)
5. Engineers made turn signals on vehicles for a reason. (What makes certain drivers not use them?) 
6. My boys sleep in the same bunk beds that my twin and I had when we were little. (I think that's neat.) 
7. I live in a city with 565 other individuals and have to travel 30 miles one way to work every day. (Small towns have the best school systems!) 
8. I love working on my Mac computer but don't  own an iphone or ipad. (An ipod shuffle treats me well.)
9. I'm not quite sure of the purpose of mustard (yuck) other than permantly staining white shirts. (Ketchup is a close second.)
10. The smell of baby lotion from the pink bottle will always make me feel like I'm a good mama. (And I recall the creases and smiles of my babies and that warms my heart.)

Supplies Used: Cardstock: Naturals White and Summer Sun (SU) Patterned Paper: unknown Stamp: Little Monsters (Reminisce) Ink: Chestnut Roan (Colorbox) Other: Google Eye, 


  1. oh Karen, this is simply FABULOUS!!!

    I love CAS cards and this is so perfect...and fun! ...and true!
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. super cute monster card!! i enjoyed reading more about you! Ketchup is on top of my "un-sure of its purpose" list!! =)

  3. Sweet little monster card, Karen! And your "ramblings" are great! Mmmmmm...chocolate chip cookies!! I love reading James Patterson too! Funny thing about the clowns---have you noticed that you don't see much clown stuff in the paper crafts world either??? Hmmmm....must be a lot of people who dislike clowns. And I think it's so super cool that you still have the bunk beds that you and your twin slept in!! Great post!

  4. This is SO cute and fun! Great card!

    Happy Saturday! :D

  5. LOVE this card! And yes.....nice DOES matter! HAve a great weekend!

  6. love that monster, karen! great post!

  7. Super cute card, Karen!
    Love your little one-eyed monster!
    And I loved reading about you. SO fun! I had no idea you were a twin! So cool! :)
    And it's funny, because I love the smell of baby lotion too! Only I don't even have kids yet! haha...

  8. Oh.. this is too cute! I love how you paper pieced the monster!

  9. wonderful getting to know u Karen... loved all u shared! xo

  10. This is so cute!

    I love James Patterson too (though these days the endings aren't that fantastic...;(
    Clowns scare me!

  11. Aww....what a cute lil monster card!! Cool card! I don't like clowns too...they are scary especially after I watched IT the movie.

  12. adorable card!
    I too enjoy these types of posts!
    Thank you for sharing, It's so nice to get to "know" you a little bit better ;-)

    Have a beautiful week ~

  13. Awwwwww, this is adorable, Karen! LOVE that sweet stamp!

    Fun learning more about you too!! Sending hugs!

  14. Oh you're a twin! That's so fun. Cute card!

  15. Love your card-really cute little monster!! Loved getting to know more about you :) I despise clowns too-totally freak me out! Mustard? horrible stuff! It doesn't even make pretty stains!! Kool-aid, now there is a nice lookin' stain ;) LOL!

  16. very cute card!! And I LOVE the tidbits about you! I enjoy reading details about you that remind me of me! I'm not sure if that's weird, or if it just confirms why I enjoy my time here so much! :)

  17. What a great card and post - I LOVE that smell, too - the pink lotion - takes me back to the way my little girls nursery smelled. Ahhh...