Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Balloons and Blogger

The sun was just setting, giving each of the balloons a slight glow. Simultaneously the captains lit their fires, spots of intense orange and blue dotting the horizon under the colorful array of the fabrics. One by one they released their strings and up, up, up they went. Each and every hot air balloon, each and every spectator was there at the ralley for a purpose, to support the local children's hospital. What an amazing site.

The colors for the latest Off the Wall Craftiness are absolutely beautiful, right? Although I wanted to do something frilly and girly as the images in the inspiration refer too, I was in much need of some masculine cards for my grandma's gift. I used a sketch from challenge at Practicing Creativity Designs. The balloon has been covered in glossy accents for added interest and dimension.

A while back during the midst of the Papercraft's Gallery Idol Competition, I was given a blog award by the very talented Jess from Playing With Paper. Part of the award asks you to list 10 things about yourself (I'm sharing random crafty things), so here goes!
1. I craft in a closet. A small closet.
2. Ikea is my favorite place to shop for crafty goods, and inspiration. Good thing the closest location is 4 hours away.
3. I love it when my boys want to stamp or scrapbook with me. I've learned, though, to have them wash their hands before starting.
4. Bridge Mix is my scrapbooking indulgence. Especially bags with not many chocolate covered raisins.
5. My boys find it entertaining to pick up buttons, scraps etc. on the floor. I let them believe it's fun.
6. Staying up way too late doing crafty things isn't the best habit to acquire, even though I enjoy it.
7. Baker's twine is the best string, and not just because of the name.
8. Rarely do I send out cards that I make...trying to figure out why that is.
9. I read your posts, and like it when they make me chuckle, think or offer great advice.
10. Almost every one of my cards have a story behind them, really.
The second part of the award asks you to pass it on to ten people. I'm going to break the rules (sorry Jess!) as I can't list just ten people, so anyone that wants to play, let me know-I'd love to read ten things about you (great movie by the way!)  

Supplies Used: Cardstock: (White) Georgia Pacific (Teal) Recollections Patterned Paper: (Salsa Chunky Stripe from Essentials Paperz) Junkitz Stamps: (Rays from You're Dandy) (Balloon from Look Up!) Practicing Creativity Designs Ink: (Taken with Teal) Stampin Up (Onyx Black) Versafine Other: (Sticker Sentiment) SRM Stickers (Silver Rhinestones) Michaels


  1. Stunning card! I love the "sunset" behind the balloon, and I love how you kept the balloon simple.

  2. Love your card, great take on the colors and I love the background sun rays. Obviously you don't have the same issues I have with teal!

  3. Karen, I love to read your post and descriptions and that is why I follow you in addition to your amazing cards! :-) I am also envious that you own PC stamps! {sigh} I love them all! This card is amazing!

  4. Hi Karen ... thanks for your comment ... the best white ink I have found has to be stampin' Up ....
    love your card too by the way

  5. Aw shucks Karen! Lovely card btw ;)

  6. Love this post Karen, too funny :) I did a 10 things about me too, did you see it? It was quite hard for me to write but much easier than a bio :) I LOVE Ikea too, mine is only two hrs away and Maile and I like to go as often as our husbands will let us LOL! Beautiful card!!!

  7. WoWzA, this is stunning, Karen! Love that balloon and the sky behind it ... those sun-rays are awesome. You've totally rocked this challenge!!

    Loved reading your list of 10 things ... so cool to learn more about you and your "real" life!

    Sending hugs!

  8. fabulous card, Karen! wonderful take on the sketch! love reading more about you, too! thanks for sharing!

  9. love your card gf.... the design and your composition is wonderful! Love those PC stamps and everything about it! Congrats on the SD DT.. so happy to be working with u there! hugs xo

  10. Love your newest card! That balloon is SO COOL! Always fun to read random things about someone so cleverly crafty! THANKS too, for stopping by my blog, and for the complements:) Made my day! Quite like your blog too! Very inspirational:)

  11. Congrats on your award Karen - so deserved. You work and your writing is quite a combo!
    Loved reading the 10 things...I've got 2 Ikeas within 40 minutes driving - if your ever in the area...
    btw - I rarely send my cards either - I'm trying to change that, though.

  12. What a beautiful card! Gorgeous colors!
    I'm sorry for not speaking English and do not always understand the stories about each card.
    The google translator is approximate ;-)

  13. It's lovely, Karen! I adore hot air balloons and have the PTI version but haven't used a single balloon yet. Shame on me!

  14. The balloon with the patterned paper behind looks fabulous!! Beautiful card!!

  15. Just amazing! Love your colors and take on the sketch. You come up with things that I would never envision.

  16. Love learning tid bits about you too fun! I did see a crazy thing on Lynnettes blog that you don't own a swimsuit? What? You are too funny!

  17. I am so in love with balloons right now :) Love the story too! Love the little bits of random about you :) I'll have to post another random ramble soon!!

  18. You are right the colors are beautiful, I love the glossy accents you added to the balloon. My craft space is pretty small too and I'm always staying up to late paper crafting. Love #8, I hardly send out cards I make and I have no idea why, my bf finds this very strange!:) Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a beautiful card this is. I love the colours. I haven't visited your blog before and have really enjoyed having a browse. You are so creative and I love how each card has a story to go with it.

  20. Love this I need to get out this set thanks for the inspiration and it was so fun to learn a little bit about you!!!!

  21. Super cute card, Karen! And I love getting a peek into your life!
    I'm curious to know more about your "closet" where you work. I can't picture it. Lately, I've been thinking of posting pictures of my "craft space". (I don't have my own room for it)... But i'm still debating. LoL
    OH, and i'm the same as you as far as staying up super late to do crafts. Haha! I'm such a night owl, and sometimes it's just hard to stop working on something if i'm really into it. Even if it means that i'm tired at work the next day. HAHA!
    Great Post! :)