Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cole's Card for Grandma

Our conversation went something like this:
Let's make a card, Cole. Ok, who for? Who do you want it to be for? Grandma Kathy, and I want a black one. Sure, what goes good with black? Hmm, red and white. How many dots does M have? Three. Ok, lets find something that can make three dots. How about these? Yes, those eyelets will make fine dots. How do we keep them on the card? With the Cropodile. (Big brown eyes light up) I think we should make six dots because we have six colors. Ok, lets make six dots then. Cole, do you remember what these are called? Yeah, they are brads. Who is Brad again? No, not brads, eyelets. Oh yeah, and we put them on with the crocodile. Let's do some magic. (Big brown eyes light up) Grab the black marker and write Grandma's name on the card. (Intense concentration) Can I write my name too? Yep. Now we get the white powder and the heat gun. Mama? Yes, Cole. Papa says I shouldn't play with guns. Your Papa is right Cole, let's call this is heating tool, and you only use it with Mama. Ok, Mama.
In Cole words, the card says his name on the bottom and his interpretation of "Grandma" along the side. Thank you, thank you, Savitri and M for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with my son.


  1. Cute! I love seeing how these little guys' minds work. Way to go, Cole!

  2. very cute card hugs emma

    Cole: wow, this is one awesome card!!! It looks like you had a great time making this! Love your conversation with your mommy too. Very cute! Bet your grandma love this card!! Thanks for playing and I hope you play again in the future!

  3. Karen..this is very is so wonderful when you can share something you love to do with your children...especially when they take an interest also! Sheri M