Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Concert Series #2

It's amazing that they can get a set of five and six year olds to remember ALL these songs at one period of time...I'm glad that I have a cheat sheet to help me with the words.

Lonesome Christmas Tree:
I'm a lonesome Christmas tree
oh gosh oh golly gee I guess nobody wants me
Oh me oh my oh me I can't help wondering why
The shoppers pass me by Am I an ugly Duckling
Left all alone to cry
Then a little boy Came on Christmas Eve
To buy a tree with just one single dime
The man there said you may take this tree
And keep your dime for this is Christmastime
A lonesome Christmas tree No longer will I be
Trimmed up on Christmas morning A shining tree you'll see
And we'll all have a Merry Christmas as merry as can be!

What is Christmas:

What is Christmas: We'll tell you, It's putting love in all we do, In our work, and in our play, In our living every day. It is showing love for other, Father Mother, Sisters, Brothers.

We are Christmas Lights: (tune: Jingle Bells)
We are Christmas light, And you know it's true
We blink red and green and sometime white and blue!
We decorate our tree, to make your spirits bright
Just look at all our colors when we
Sparkle every night
We blink red, we blink green, we blink white and blue.
Yes, we blink at Christmas time, We do it just for you.
Oh, we blink red, we blink green, we blink white and blue.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

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