Thursday, October 4, 2012

Card Drive for Addison

There's a little girl that needs our help. Think of all the extra cards you have lying around, or all the opportunity to make fun, cute new ones!

From Kelly Bertram's Post:
Addison is a beautiful, athletic, and spunky 6 year old little girl and happensto be the daughter of one of my dearest friends.
On September 28, 2012 she was taken to the doctor for a reoccurring fever.  After blood work, they learned that she did not have a bacterial infection or virus as many would expect, but Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) of the T-cells. T-cells complicate treatment.  The doctors have placed her on a two YEAR treatment plan which began on September 29 with chemotherapy started on September 30.  I cannot imagine what my dear friends went through during those first 48 hours and the incredible fight they have in front of them.  
You can follow Addison's journey through her Caring Bridges page:

You'll need an email address and create a password.

Kelly is hosting a card drive for sweet Addison.
Her goal is to collect 104 handmade cards to give her one card per week for two years. 
More if possible!

She has two sisters Avery (5) and Ansley (2).   
All the girls love animals, the colors pink and purple, 

princesses and sports, anything cute or funny. 

Addison esp. loves the water, sports, bouncy houses and other athletic events she looks forward to doing again.

If you would like to help encourage her on her journey here are some guidelines:
  • Cards can be anything cheery, encouraging, supportive, etc.You can include or incorporate kid-friendly jokes! Please avoid holiday specific cards so the cards can be used anytime over the next two years. 
  • Cards can be for Addison or one of her sisters. Write the name of the recipient on the outside of the envelope. 
  • All cards need to have a positive message in it for the child/family.  Please also sign your name and where you are from.  There could be a geography lesson in there!  Also, please don't seal the envelope, as the parents might want to preview cards before the kids see them.
  • Please stick to just cards or lightweight things like stickers, etc. I will be delivering the cards to the family so no additional shipping costs will be incurred.
  • You are welcome to send store-bought cards, but they will not be eligible for prizes.
  • There is no need to send money with your cards. 
  •  In each package, PLEASE include a piece of paper with your name, address, email address and how many cards you sent . This help greatly in keeping track for prizes!  For each handmade card you send, you will get a chance for a prize.  So the more cards you send, the better your chances; however, one prize per person.
  • Please postmark cards by December 20th
  • Winners of prizes will be randomly drawn on or around January 15 and notified on this blog and via email (if provided with cards)
  • All cards can be mailed to the following address:
Kelly Bertram
P.O. Box 58156
Cincinnati, Ohio 45258-0156

prize #1:  $25 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp
prize #2:  $25 gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket
praying there are more to come....Please feel free to share this card drive with others...

Thank you so much for your generosity.
I pray these cards will lift the spirits of the family and bring them little moments of comfort and joy during this difficult time.  
They have a very long road ahead of them and you can make it a bit smoother.  

I'm contributing to the prize pack, with a voucher for a custom blog design.

 Please, consider helping out Kelly and Addison!


  1. I confess I am sobbing as I read this. Your generosity is amazing. I don't even know what to say, but THANK YOU for the bottom of my hear, Karen. I hope others will consider making a card for sweet Addison. October will be real tough on them with weekly chemo treatments. She will LOVE that cute dino! (: thank you.....

  2. Your card will definitely put a smile on her.... TFS it here... I'm going to create and send her one too... You're a kind soul, Karen.. Hugs...xoxo

  3. Your card is absolutely adorable and Addison is sure to LOVE heart goes out to Addison and her family...I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through...

    Perfect timing of this request with World Card Making Day on Saturday....I'm definitely IN...thanks for sharing this!!!!

  4. What a cute card and my heart goes out to that little girl.

  5. Such a cute card :) This story touches me close. I too, have a close friend of mine, who's son (which is 7) is battling the same thing. Though, his is a little worse. For the past weeks I have done nothing but pray...I will do they same for her and her family. All prayers are needed! :) Thank you for sharing.

  6. Precious card, but sad cause, hopefully all this love and support will help her family.

  7. this is just so sad...My heart goes out to Addison and her family...God is watching over us all and promises his love. I will pray for her and her family...

    Thanks for sharing..your card is adorable.

  8. I cannot even begin to imagine the ordeal the family and little Addison must be going through.
    Thanks for doing this and your card is absolutely adorable!

  9. Karen, I'm sure Addison will absolutely love this. It is so so sweet. My thoughts and prayers will be with sweet Addison and her family!

  10. What an absolutely adorable card for a great cause.

  11. A darling card Karen. My prayers for this tiny girl and her family

  12. Super cute card. Sweet looking girl. I am sure that card will make her smile. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  13. I love your adorable card! Thank you for sharing this and i will be sending some cards.

  14. It's the perfect card for such a great cause!

  15. First, I love your card. That dino is adorable and playful!

    Secondly, oh my! That little girl and her family! Breaks my heart, such little ones needing so much help. They are so strong though. Teaches me thankfulness and humility. I'm in with creating fun cards for all 3 girls!

  16. Super cute card for such and amazing cause!!

  17. Adorable card! Heartbreaking story :( Thank you so much for sharing this.

  18. Keeping this post open on my desktop! I will try to make some cards this weekend and mail out!
    Love your card - as always!

  19. Karen, this story is so heart breaking. I have been thinking about Addison and her family since I first read your post. Would it be okay to post Addison's photo and a little bit about the drive on my blog? I will include a direct link to your blog so all the details will be available.

  20. such a sweet card for the little girl! thanks for letting us know about the card drive. will definitely try and send out some cards. =)

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your card is so sweet and uplifting, perfect to put a smile on a little girl's face.

  22. I love seeing that dino in a colour other than green! Such a sweet card and I'm sure it will put a big smile on Addison's face. My heart goes out to her and her family.