Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

Yesterday was my oldest son's school Christmas Concert and for the sake the my relatives and friends who visit here, I've included a video that I'm hoping will work. They sang/said/yelled many songs, but this one was my favorite-called Cold Weather Fun (it is sung to Take Me Out to the Ballgame)
Take me out in the winter
Take me out in the snow
Give me some mittens and my boots
I'm going to wear my new snowsuit
Oh let's root root root for winter
It's such a great time of the year!
Snowballs, snowmen and lots of fun
Give winter a cheer!

When the concert was done, we as a family were welcomed to his classroom where each of the parents were presented with a gift. Upon opening it, I got what I've always thought would be the best parent gift ever from children: A hand sculpted object. In this case a tree. A wonderful, green, bumpy and lopsided tree all covered with loose gold glitter. I LOVE IT. I love that I can see his fingerprints, the size of his fingers, and I just know the concentration that he put in to making it and painting it.
Did I say yet that I love it. It will be most meaningful christmas gift-ever-except for the little, handsome smart boy himself who was born on December 24th almost six years ago.

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